The best deal for New and Used Tyres in Whangarei

A Best Deal Tire Stop in Whangarei does exactly what it says on the sign- provides the best deal for all your new and used tyres in Whangarei. When purchasing used tyres in Whangarei, Tire Stop is the best place to start.

We will show you what to look out for when purchasing tyres that have been previously used. Often you can get great deals by buying second-hand tyres, however it is paramount to Tire Stop that your safety is put first. That’s why they take the time to ask questions, they’ll ask how often you use your car, where you drive and how long you’ve had your current tyres for.

Whangarei Tyres

Nearly 30 years in the industry shows that A Best Deal Tire Stop is the local, trusted source for new and used tyres in Whangarei. It is a genuine concern and getting to know his regular clients that makes Our business stands out from the rest. While used tyres may be the cheapest option, they may not be the best deal for your situation. Best Deal Tire Stop can help you find a solution that suits your needs, your car and your budget, with our expertise second to none in the Whangarei region.

Why ‘Tire’ and not Tyres?

Besides “what is the best price for used tyres in Whangarei?”, the spelling of A Best Deal Tire Stop is one of the most popular questions we gets asked. It’s not a typo, nor is the owner American. In fact- according to the Oxford dictionary, ‘tire’ is technically the correct spelling. Thought to originate from the word ‘attire’ -as in your car’s attire for on the road, the spelling was originally adopted by the British and Americans. When pneumatic tyres became popular, ‘tyre’ was used by British as the preferred spelling to differentiate between the two forms of wheel attire- and the word “tire’ became basically extinct in British English.

Service Promise

At A Best Deal Tire Stop, good old fashioned, honest service is the reason this business has been around nearly 30 years. Here are the promises we provide when you walk through the door:

  • great service
  • professional standards
  • fair and reasonable prices
  • meeting all rules and compliances
  • providing the right tyres to be on the road and get WOF

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